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Targetted Chemotherapy

I’ve been thinking about my upcoming chemo treatment and what it might do to me besides help with the blood counts, the fatigue, the night sweats and the day sweats and the meat sweats and even the thinking about the sweat sweats, the cramps, and the enlarged lymph nodes.

In other words I have been thinking about side effects.

I realise that the drugs I am about to begin taking are, on the scale of harshness of chemotherapy treatment generally, relatively mild and I should not complain. I am however, starting to wonder if the treatment isn’t as bad as the illness.

Nausea, loss of appetite, yaws, blue-ear, neutropaenia, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, the increased risk of infection just to begin the list. I’m hoping that I might be seeing an end to the thrice daily power naps that are fast becoming fully fledged sleeps, with attendant difficulty in getting up afterwards. It is possible that the naps go straight from being a symptom to a side effect, with no break in between.

Like all the possible side effects I’ve noted above, hair loss is unpredictable but may well happen. It is impossible to tell how it will manifest, and could be total or just a little thinning. Unlike my brother, I do not suffer from male pattern baldness, but if truth were told, I am not too worried by anything that may happen.

it would be nice if the chemotherapy dealt with the forests of hair growing from my nose and ears, and did something about that central area of my Neanderthal monobrow that sits on my ever-ageing forehead.

A chemotherapy drug that did that could make somebody a fortune.

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