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Chicken And Egg

I’ve been investigating the supply of broadband for a friend via some price comparison sites. I am looking for an unlimited service, at a speed of at least 1gig and perhaps some web space. Free email addresses, spam filters and anti virus software will not be influencing the final decision, though on balance perhaps free help via email might be an advantage. My friend will on principle not be taking advantage of any pay per minute premium rate helplines.
All the services I am considering have many things in common, including comparable first year costs, speed, delivery time, contract period and enticements.

All seem proud of their service of informing the customer of the progress of their broadband supply, and they all do it the same way – by email.

Unfortunately, my friend, and presumably most potential customers, have to wait till their new broadband has been connected, before they can check their email, in order to discover the progress of their broadband connection.

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