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Treatment Cycle Four

I’ve just completed the first five days of my fourth cycle of chemotherapy, oral FC. This post is going to tell you about it, and if you aren’t interested in CLL and its treatment, then you will probably find this a little tedious.

Still here?

OK then. For the last five days I have been on the chemo phase of my treatment. I have not been able to function in any sensible level for more than fifteen minutes at a time on any single subject. I couldn’t finish a long article in a newspaper. I couldn’t write more than a couple of sentences at a time, and never reached a satisfactory end of a paragraph. (Note : this does not mean that I manage to reach satisfactory endings of paragraphs when not on chemo; just that I can actually get there.) Like now for instance.

I have been unable to concentrate, and unable to relax. I have been trying to define how it has affected me, and I think I can adequately do that now. It isn’t that the treatment is particularly drastic compared to many other chemo treatments for other cancers. In fact, in the general scheme of things, the harshness of oral FC is mild.
However, five days on chemo has been like five days locked on an intercontinental flight. Unable to sleep properly, unable to exercise, unable to rest, unable to eat with any enjoyment. I have become lost in a never ending roundelay of meals, brief walks, dozing, books and television. Mornings were generally OK, but from late afternoon onwards, it was always downhill.

Twenty four hours after the end of the cycle, and I am as right as ninepence.

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