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A Decent Pair Of Shades

I have been wearing spectacles since I was thirteen years old, because I am short sighted. I can vividly remember the stupendous headache I suffered after wearing the first pair I had ever had for only a couple of hours. Brits of a certain age reading this will be able to picture the Hank Marvin style frames that I thought were trendy at the time. A couple of years later I had progressed to a gold wire framed octagonal pair, with a slightly pink tint. By the time I was driving my own car, still aged eighteen, I had a pair of prescription dark tinted lenses fitted into some pilots style frames for use in the car, and for looking cool generally. Those pilots glasses were, unfortunately, the best shades I have ever owned, and all attempts to find shades that were as functional since that first pair have been futile.

The point is that shades have to have two three four main functions in order to meet my requirements, and I have never got there yet. Here is a simple list of two three four requirements –

  • Prescription lenses
  • Cool coloured tint
  • Fashionably cool frame design
  • Functional as sunglasses

Point four has always been the sticking point, because the suns glare always comes round the side of my lenses. I hate that, and I have never resolved this issue. I have always left Glasses-4-U with the nagging feeling that there is something wrong, and Spectacles-R-Us have singuarly failed to impress. I had resigned myself to a lifetime of glare, eyestrain, tension headaches and squinting. Recently I had an idea. I do not know why I never thought of it before.

Use the interwebnetwork.

I found two sites that seem to be honest specialist suppliers of prescription lensed sunglasses, amongst a welter of other optical products. The first, in the USA, is astonishingly badly designed. A better example of something as confusing as a really really confusing thing I have yet to find. I will not be using their services, even though they appear to be willing to ship to the UK.

The second site, for a company in Barnsley in the UK, seem to have their act together far better than the first, and I am seriously considering discussing my requirements with them, after a visit to Specs-2-Go-R-Us to have my eyes tested and measured. After all, it isn’t just the prescription for the lenses that is important for a well performing pair of shades. They must fit comfortably on my nose and ears, and the lens centres must correspond to my eyes.

The problem is, I have one ear higher than the other, and my eyes are very close together.

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