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New Page Added

December 15, 2007 Leave a comment

Instead of a separate blog post dedicated to the index of posts by Prof Hamblin on CLL, on his blog Mutations of Mortality, I have now given over a whole page to the Professor. You can find it by clicking on “Hamblin On CLL” in the navigation area at the top of this page, just underneath the words “A Lymphomaniac Blogs.”

I have added three more posts to this list today, written by the Prof earlier this month.

Other recent changes include the addition of a miniblog on the right of the page, which is just a series of links to sites that interest me.  I hope they interest you as well.  As I add sites to the list, old ones will fall off the bottom, so there will always be something new to see.

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Would You Believe It?

December 12, 2007 Leave a comment

One of the oddest things to come to my attention in the last few days is the case of the American Professor who is claiming half a million dollars for what we would probably call “wrongful dismissal.”

“The zebrafish specialist said his civil rights were violated when he was dismissed shortly after telling his superior he did not accept evolution because he believed the Bible presented a true account of human creation.” Reuters

To me, it is a little silly to be a biologist and a creationist at the same time. They are mutually incompatible. It would be like applying for, and getting, a job as a bus driver, only to tell the boss when he hands you the keys that you cannot drive. Don’t just take my word for it though, how about a fully paid up molecular biologist who happens to be very Christian. (Does that mean he’s a Christian Scientist?)

“So in light of the issue’s new prominence and with a desire to improve the mental hygiene of others, I would just like to say that Intelligent Design is a really, really bad idea –scientifically, politically, and theologically. I say this as a dedicated conservative, who has on many occasions defended and espoused religion and religious conservatism. I also say it as a professional molecular biologist, who has worked daily (or at least week-daily) for years with biological problems to which the theory of evolution has contributed significant understanding — and to which Intelligent Design is incapable of contributing any understanding at all. ” Mac Johnson

So there you have it. A fishy biologist who thinks evolution isn’t.

I hope you are asking about now why I’ve categorised this as a CLL post, as well as a Badscience one. Here is the reason. Our Creationist Professor had the following as the title of his PhD thesis –

“Abraham, Nathaniel. Role of Programmed Cell Death in Defining Zebrafish Development. Thesis (Ph. D.)–St. John’s University, 2004”

The words Programmed Cell Death are the key; that is apoptosis by any other name, and all CLLers know that the understanding of the failure of apoptosis in our b-cells is one of the keys to a possible cure.

As I already said, I don’t think he is entitled to his half million.

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The Lights Are On, But Nobody’s Homeo

December 4, 2007 5 comments

In order to help in the understanding of homeopathy, a whole bunch of concerned citizens, anxious to spread some understanding into the mysterious world of homeopathic thinking, came up with some definitions. It illustrates how homeopathy looks to rational thinkers as much as anything I’ve seen. It also enables me to link to some of the Bad Science blogs that I have been reading lately.

Homeapathy : 1 The belief that, while he has made some very cogent points, Ben should pick on someone else. 2) Not bothering to take your placebos.

Homeostasis : Complete inability to absorb new information.

Disprovings : Drinking water in laboratory controlled conditions, and Absolutely Nothing Happening.

Homeapethy : Treating large hairy primates with infinitesimal dilutions of nothing in particular.

Homeogeneous : Similar in nature, eg all homeopathic preparations are homeogeneous as “there’s nowt in ’em.”

Homeosexual : A proclivity for sleeping with alternative practitioners.

Homeophonics : Changing the definition of words to justify your delusion.

Homeocide : Using homeopathy to treat meningitis.

Homeologue : Reaction of a CAM practitioner to rational arguments.

Homeobath : Running out of soap.

HIFIopathy : Hawking expensive MP3s to the confused.

Avogoogolplex constant: 6.03 x 10 to the twenty third (to the two hundred and thirtieth.)

Psycheopath (n) (i) One possessed with an homeopathological hatred of all that is not homeopathy. (ii) pretty much all of them then.

Homeopathetic : adj. Homeopathalogically consistent (see homeopathological – adj.)

homeopathological : adj. Evidence-free.

Homeothermic : The body temperature that results after reliance on homeopathic remedies. Ambient temperature.

Homeoeroticism : The excitement felt by homeo sapiens during an act of self-potentisation.

Homeorary Degree : they cost less on the internet.

Garden Hoe : Herbalist / Homeopath hybrid.

Homeungous: Quite small.

Homeo & Juliet : Heartwarming modern retelling of the previously miserable Shakespeare play. In it, Homeo attempts to kill himself with a 100C dilution of poison, which surprisingly fails to kill him despite its high potency. Homeo eventually gets over his malaise and finds out that Juliet is alive, and they live reasonably happily ever after, although in all honesty their relationship turns out to be slightly less exciting once the initial thrill of forbidden love is over.

Homi-er than thou : Patronising and dismissive response to anyone suggesting a homextremist might be slightly wrong about anything at all. Ever.

Ad-homeo : Responding to legitimate enquiries as to the efficacy of homoepathy by questioning the ethics, funding, parentage and sexual proclivity of the enquirer; “You might claim that there is no peer reviewed double blind placebo controlled trial evidence proving the efficacy of homeopathic remedies, but my dad can fight your dad, smelly bum, so neeuuuur !”

Homyopia : n. selective eyesight, to not see the evidence.

Homeopoly : A board game where all the properties are water works, and buying them actually doesn’t achieve anything.

Homeungus : Invisibly large (or largely invisible).

Homeolysis : Splitting of a group into two factions, one claiming science has proven them right and the other claiming science can’t prove them right or wrong.

At Homeo‘ : Genteel society party with no guests.

Homeo keys : Used to locate the fingers on the keyboard so as to be able to type without looking at the facts.

Homeotmosphere : The tenuous gas layer existing above the Thermosphere.

Homeor Simpson : “Water! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!”

Frontal Homeotomy : Deliberate removal or interference with the region of the brain involved in rationalisation.

diHydrogen Homeoxide : The panacae, Lord God of Homeopaths : The Giver of Life.

The Homeo Counties – a region in the South East of England surrounding London where bored middle-class humanities graduates play Doctors and Nurses on their neurotic neighbours.

Homeoptics : The art of only seeing what you want to see.

Hom-burger : Bread bun without anything in it.

Homeophonic : Simultanoeus high pitched whining noise of victimhood made by all homeopaths.

Homeonym : words used by homeopaths that have different meanings from their standard scientific or everyday usage, like nano, quantum, energy, cure, evidence, truth, ethics, credibility.

Homeospun : Homeopathic evidence.

Homanities graduate : University graduate who hasn’t a clue what science is.

Homeo sickness : The period before homeocide.

Succussion : The act of deposing and replacing an old homeopath by repeatedly banging their head against something hard until they give up.

Homo homeo sapiens : A new species of mankind with special hypochondriac powers.

Hom-burg : An infinitessimally small hat.

Homeo erectus : (Lat: Upright Quack) 1) n: prehistoric missing link 2) adj: under endowed.

Homeocracy : Very economical system of electing a government where millions of voters all use the same vote, on the same voting slip, at the same time, in the same place…

Ice 9 : Type of water with a memory.

Thanks to the following for all their ideas, which I have gleefully nicked, including the title.

Confuseling Troubledjoe Gimpy Lexsmith pv JQH Ambrielle Jonnyhead Manigen Seenoevil Norbury Nekomatic CrackMouse Lecanardnoir

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Dr. Strangelove Bites Back

December 2, 2007 Leave a comment

Further to my recent comments about my last appointment with Dr. Strangelove, I have received my copy of the normal follow up letter that he sends to my GP.

In it, he outlined what I already outlined earlier, gave a brief run down of the blood results, and some other comment.

It is signed, as normal, with an addendum that reads –

AKA “Strangelove”

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NHS Dentistry Returns To Sedgefield

December 2, 2007 7 comments

As a NHS dental patient, I was very sad to see the former village dentist take his attic practice out of the NHS and into the Church Of Mammon. I’m not surprised that so many people have been practising DIY dentistry, or that my local area hospital dental specialists have noticed an increase in “emergency admissions” that would have routinely been dealt with at the coal face, prior to the mass dental exodus.

Not all is lost to NHS patients in Sedgefield though, as the Sedgefield PCT have been working with a local NHS dental practise to provide Sedgefield with dentistry again. The plan is to build a surgery on the land occupied by the mechanics workshop on the corner near the fire station. While out walking my dog the other day, I noticed that the dental practise have installed a couple of discreet “land acquired” signs, so this plan seems to be well under way.

There seems to have been some concern on the part of locals about issues of car parking surrounding this development. Thinking about it, I don’t think there will be too much of a problem as there appears to be plenty of space available. I do recall parking in the church car park opposite on one occasion, and being told off in a very unchristian manner by a passing Methodist.

If car parking does become a problem however, there is a solution available that would improve matters.

Get rid of the chicanes / raised flower beds / traffic “calming” obstructions on Durham Road.

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