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Would You Believe It?

One of the oddest things to come to my attention in the last few days is the case of the American Professor who is claiming half a million dollars for what we would probably call “wrongful dismissal.”

“The zebrafish specialist said his civil rights were violated when he was dismissed shortly after telling his superior he did not accept evolution because he believed the Bible presented a true account of human creation.” Reuters

To me, it is a little silly to be a biologist and a creationist at the same time. They are mutually incompatible. It would be like applying for, and getting, a job as a bus driver, only to tell the boss when he hands you the keys that you cannot drive. Don’t just take my word for it though, how about a fully paid up molecular biologist who happens to be very Christian. (Does that mean he’s a Christian Scientist?)

“So in light of the issue’s new prominence and with a desire to improve the mental hygiene of others, I would just like to say that Intelligent Design is a really, really bad idea –scientifically, politically, and theologically. I say this as a dedicated conservative, who has on many occasions defended and espoused religion and religious conservatism. I also say it as a professional molecular biologist, who has worked daily (or at least week-daily) for years with biological problems to which the theory of evolution has contributed significant understanding — and to which Intelligent Design is incapable of contributing any understanding at all. ” Mac Johnson

So there you have it. A fishy biologist who thinks evolution isn’t.

I hope you are asking about now why I’ve categorised this as a CLL post, as well as a Badscience one. Here is the reason. Our Creationist Professor had the following as the title of his PhD thesis –

“Abraham, Nathaniel. Role of Programmed Cell Death in Defining Zebrafish Development. Thesis (Ph. D.)–St. John’s University, 2004”

The words Programmed Cell Death are the key; that is apoptosis by any other name, and all CLLers know that the understanding of the failure of apoptosis in our b-cells is one of the keys to a possible cure.

As I already said, I don’t think he is entitled to his half million.

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