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Preventing Colds And Flu (Some Readers Digest Tips)

Not that I read the Readers Digest except when in doctors waiting rooms, but I was reading this article in, well, the Readers Digest today, and I thought it was worth sharing with CLLers. It consists of 23 tips to help prevent colds and flu, and they all seem pretty sensible, without much woo content, and they can’t do us any harm. Fact is, it seems like a good idea to read through this lot, and see how your own behaviour can be modified to fit.

I particularly likes the toothbrush tip, reproduced here –

Run your toothbrush through the microwave on high for 10 seconds to kill germs that can cause colds and other illnesses. You think it gets your teeth clean — and it does. But once you’re done brushing, your toothbrush is a breeding ground for germs. Sterilize it in the microwave before you use it…………

You may think I’m being a bit paranoid, but any CLLer could be considered to be immune compromised, and it would be silly to be complacent. I would add that this sort of thing has not taken over my life, but I wash my hands a little more often than I used to. I do take more care brushing my teeth, I get a flu shot, and try to get some herd immunity too by getting the family immunised too. As a CLLer in the UK, our immediate families also qualify for a flu shot, no matter their age.

Be careful if you have an electric toothbrush however, and just microwave the toothbrush bit, and not the electrics. You’d think that would be obvious wouldn’t you. I bet the Readers Digest get complaints from the intellectually challenged.

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  1. Jack Casey
    January 18, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    Thanks for this one! The toothbrush idea is awesome. I sent the link around to friends.

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