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Five Minute Timewaster

I came across an interesting site today, that amused me for, well, at least five minutes. Called Flickr Fight, the simple idea is to type in two search terms, and the site goes off to Flickr and returns with the numbers of pics tagged with your search terms. The one with the most, wins, obviously. You also get to see some odd pictures associated with some of the tags.

I tried it with Football and Tiddleywinks, and came up with an interesting result; Tiddleywinks had four pics, and football over a million. The problem with that search was there were no football photos in the results page – just a lot of Americans wearing armour, helmets and using a ball of the wrong shape.

Then I tried Clinton and Obama, and chalk and cheese. On the recent searches section of the page, I noticed a rather obvious search, Victoria Beckham and Gary Haliwell and the result was very odd. So odd in fact that I looked more carefully at the search terms, and realised that Gary Haliwell works at a chip shop in Darlington, and Geri Halliwell used to be a Turkish TV Presenter.

Pooi Geri still loses in a fair fight though.

That Spicy search has been on the recent searches section of that page all day. Either somebody is having a little laugh at our expense, or a lot of people are going to be very confused.

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  1. Michelle
    January 23, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    So, i put in raw food and poop…poop won!! :O) I only eat raw food so that was a bit disappointing! Fun site though Andy!

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