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Coffee Is For Drinking

One of the things seen often on the forums used by CLLers around the world, is a discussion on vitamins. Vitamin A, B, C, folic acid, ascorbic acid; if it has a name, you can be certain that somewhere a CLLer is taking it or investigating it, or knows somebody who’s uncles best mate’s third cousin has a friend who’s mum had her blindness cured by eating carrots.

I suppose that all this is understandable to a degree. After all, we have an incurable illness, and like other cancer victims, we have no real certainty about what our future may hold. Medicine offers us a great deal of hope, but no certainties, and many of us turn away from reality and invest their trust and hope in unproven remedies, quackery, lining the pockets of the unscrupulous in the process.

One of the most astonishing of the well known quack cures is the Gerson Method. Involving consuming up to 20lbs of juiced organic vegetables per day, plus three balanced vegetarian meals. Central to the method, is the coffee enema. This ‘essential’ component is part of the whole detox regime that the method is all about. It seems that this detox is supposed, by using all those organic, contamination free vitamin and enzyme rich veggy juices, to cleanse your cancer away.

Gerson web sites have some surprising things. Videos, containing the promise that they can cure your cancer, and nastily, warnings that chemotherapy and Gerson don’t mix. Something they don’t have is evidence of the wonderful cures that following the Gerson Method brings. They are in the UK too

I have just two more negative things to say about Gerson. Firstly, it is well known that detox diets only work for the shyster flogging the book, and there is no demonstrable detox effect at all.

There are some positive aspects to the Gerson Method though, and yes, you are reading this, this is real, nobody is twisting my arm up behind my back. I’m convinced that if you follow the diet, ditch all the junk, the pies, the burgers, the processed stodge, the fizzy pop, the alcohol, the additives and you drink the coffee, it would be a huge improvement on the average western diet.

Vitamins. That is where I started. It is well known that cancer patients take many more supplements than the average person. It is also well known that there is virtually no evidence that taking vitamins does you any good at all. This point was made in a very good article in the New York Times this week. (Via Badscience) Many vitamin supplements have been shown to increase cancer risk. When I see yet another CLL patient announce his/her regime of vitamins and supplements on a forum somewhere, I often want to scream at them to spend the money on fruit and veg instead.

The second negative thing about Gerson?

Coffee is for drinking, not squirting up your bottom.

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  1. February 12, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    aieeeeeee, aieeeeee. But the upside is, there is something OK to say about Professor Patrick Holford. AFAIK, and I could be wrong, the man Holford may be keen on detox etc but he has not advocated taking in your coffee through the wrong orifice.

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