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A Feynman Chaser

March 25, 2008 4 comments

On the Badscience Blog, Ben Goldacre may well have started a trend this week, and it has since been copied on a couple of other blogs, giving a rather neat and pleasing balance to some idiocy. Ben posted a video of a homeopath, explaining how homeopathy works. Featuring a woman I have called Dr. Dippy. She mangles all of science in an astonishingly deceitful manner as far as I can see. Perhaps she just had no idea what she was talking about. Dr. Dippy may have caught on that Ben has been having some fun at her expense, because the video is no longer available, but careful searching has provided an alternative, which you can see on youtube. It isn’t about homeopathy, but it is Dr. Dippy.

My video clip is from a homeopath in Leeds, explaining how a doctor just removes a bulb in the dashboard, and a homeopath actually cures. Still doesn’t really say how though.

A bit silly I think, so in the spirit of the game, here is my Feynman Chaser.



I do like Feynman. There is plenty of other stuff to mix a different chaser with. Perhaps we’ll see a few more popping up around teh interwebs.



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Expelled From Expelled

March 21, 2008 1 comment

P.Z. Myers is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris. He went to the movies the other day with his family and a friend, to an advance screening of the creationist propaganda movie, “Expelled.”

The film has a claim to fame in that it is narrated by Ben Stein, who you may know as the shrink in the film The Mask, and the makers did many of its interviews for the film under false pretences.

P.Z. must have been on a blacklist of people not allowed to see the film, as he was asked to leave the theatre and its premises by a policeman. So he did, and blogged about it straight away, from the mall where the theatre was.

His family and guest got in of course, and his guest was none other than –

Richard Dawkins

There are currently over 750 comments on the blog post. Wonderful.

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