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Ofquack Launches Website

April 24, 2008 2 comments

Ofquack, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), launched its website today. This organisation is supposed to regulate all the practitioners of woo who have their own governing bodies, here in the UK.

Because I’m interested in these things, I took a look at the site, and there are a couple of things to note. On the welcome page is the grand introductory paragraph telling us the function of Ofquack –

“The CNHC was established in April 2008. It heralds a completely new approach to the regulation of complementary therapies in the UK. It builds on the excellent work already undertaken by many of the professional bodies within complementary and natural heath care. Upholding the highest professional standards, the creation of the CNHC will provide a boost to consumer confidence and public trust which will in turn benefit all practitioners. Significantly, the roles of the professional associations and the regulatory body are now separated in order to give increased clarity of function.”

Thats all very well and good, but unfortunatly, up until now, Ofquack have carefully avoided any discussion or comment on whether these woo therapies actually do any good. Now they have published a mission statement, I am looking forward to future developments.


CNHC’s mission is to support the use of complementary and natural therapies as a uniquely positive, safe and effective experience.

On the “Contact Us” page of the site is an email address, so I have sent them the following message –

Peter Mitchell

Subject : Congratulations on the Launch of CNHC


Congratulations on the launch of your website which I have read with great interest.

I particularly like the Mission Statement, where it states that the CNHC will be supporting the effectiveness of CAM and ALT-Med practitioners.

I wondered if you could tell me how CNHC will know if one of the regulated therapies has any effectiveness at all?

I look forward to your response.

Best Wishes for the future


I wonder if he will respond?

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