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How Rotten Is This

December 23, 2008 Leave a comment

While walking to the village centre today with my next-door but one neighbour, we were discussing our care. We both see Dr. Strangelove, though she does not have CLL.

Guess what. Her husband does. Diagnosed a month ago.

I feel quite dismayed and depressed, just two days before Christmas.

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CLL, Live Vaccines and the CDC (update)

December 19, 2008 Leave a comment

The controversy I noted in my last post has moved on a (small) step, and perhaps some of the experts in the field may now be starting to follow the example set by Teh Prof.

Professor John C. Byrd,  (M.D. D. Warren Brown Professor of Leukaemia Research Professor of Medicine and Medicinal Chemistry Interim Co-Director, Division of Haematology-Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine Associate Director for Translational Research, The Comprehensive Cancer Center The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio, 4321,)has released the following statement for dissemination –

” I have seen a lot of questions about vaccines that have live vaccine components. In particular, the varicella zoster virus vaccine which should not be given to CLL patients due to their immunocompromised state. Some practitioners are mistakenly giving this and it places CLL patients at risk. CLL patients can be administered vaccines that are not live (such as the pneumovax). Please feel free to disseminate this. ”

This subject was originally raised by Dr. Brian Koffman, a CLL patient, on his blog, and has also been noted on the JREF forum, with an as yet undecided view.  CLL Canada is also reporting this statement.

I hope to report further developments soon.

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