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A Cure For Night Sweats?

March 6, 2009 13 comments

If, like me, you have suffered from night sweats during the course of your illness, you will understand what a truly miserable experience it is.

I’ve been suffering from them for years, going way back before my diagnosis, and I really didn’t think anything of it.  When you wake after a bad dose, it is like you have gone straight to bed after a shower, without bothering to get dry first.  The sheets, pillows, quilt or blankets, sleeping companion and dog will also be drenched.  The only thing to do at this stage is to shower, change the bedclothes and sleeping attire, companion if you wish, and blow dry the dog.

This can happen a number of times per night.

I have tried a number of strategies to alleviate the situation over the years.  In the UK winter, removing bedclothes and pajamas until the sweating stops leads to hypothermia, and yet the sweats take over once warmth has returned.  No happy medium is possible.

When I lived in the tropics (Colombo, Sri Lanka) I had built in industrial strength aircon in my apartment.  The bedroom unit had settings that varied from Lotus to Aerosmith and the oddest was the one that varied in intensity from high to low causing wake ups at the peak times.  I alternated between sweating, shivering and soaking.

In Morocco, sub-tropical, the mixture of windows and doors wide open and mild night temperatures meant I could sleep reasonably well, but still woke up sodden.  A soft fluffy towel over the pillows always helps a little.

Chemo is said to help, though it hasn’t in my case, but it’s probably a little sledgehammery to get chemo just to stop the night sweats.

So, has anybody got a cure?

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