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How Long Will Wakefield Be A Doctor?

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

The long awaited GMC inquiry into Dr Andrew Wakefield reported last Thursday, and the results are a huge condemnation of his behaviour.  If the GMC runs to form, he will ultimately be struck off the medical register, and no longer be able to practise at all, or call himself Dr.

There is reams and reams of stuff on the internet about the verdict, a lot of it much more forthright than this BBC news report, and I would happily provide more links if there is an interest.

The reason I post it here is that I am aware that some of my readers live in a country called America, which has a State called Texas, within which is a city called Austin. Some actually live in Austin.

In Austin is a company called “Thoughtful House” set up by Wakefield in order to continue to do the very things he has been condemned for by the GMC.  Oh yes.  A dishonest and irresponsible doctor who acted unethically in the UK has started a company doing those very same dishonest, irresponsible and unethical things in America.  (Some years ago actually.  How can somebody like that get away with it?)

Wakefield’s dishonest, irresponsible and unethical work sparked off the MMR non-controversy in the UK, caused by him and reprehensible media reporting of his research, and his un-evidenced comments.

Nowadays, websites like mercola, natural news and many many more (Huffington post, Oprah for goodness sake) are on an anti-vax campaign fronted by ignorami like Jenny McCarthy and her idiot boyfriend.

All of this has sparked off what is, to CLL victims like us, a serious increase in communicable illness like measles, because people have believed the non scare concerns about vaccinations, and the consequent reduction in herd immunity.

Two things then.

1.  If you live in a place called “America,” do not deal with a company called “Thoughtful House” who are run by a dishonest and irresponsible doctor who acted unethically.

2.  Condemn Anti-vaxxers at every opportunity.

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