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Terry Hamblin, 1943 – 2012. “Teh Prof”

I didn’t know him personally.  We’ve never met, or spoken.  We’ve had email conversations, and I have been an avid follower of his blog, and his contributions to teh ACOR CLL List, since my diagnosis.  As a leader in teh field of research into and treatment of CLL, his contribution was huge.  His dedication to helping CLL victims understand their illness was equally huge, as can be seen from the contribution he made to teh ACOR list, and his writing on his blog.

A number of qualities stand as examples to us all. He was passionate about many things, and was able to give vent to those passions on his blog.  In other contact with his internet friends and admirers, patients and carers of CLL victims, he was dedicated to giving us teh best advice.  He never stooped to criticism of the sometimes misguided or often stupid advice given by others on teh ACOR CLL list, but maintained an impartial outlook, guided by the best research, science and latest information.  Cynicism rarely surfaced, but he could be sharp regarding poor research, or shoddy conclusions.  He understood very well the difference between anecdote and evidence.  Others could do well to follow his example.

One incident endeared him to me in particular.  I had been ranting as usual about the rather unpleasant and certainly unproven nature of Gerson treatment for cancer generally, and at a Gersonite on the ACOR list who yet again was telling us how wonderful those castor oil poultices were at reducing swelling in, well, swollen lymph nodes.  My own parody poultice involved using garlic, green tea and mustard with the castor oil, its efficacy being due to the foul smell.

His response amazed me, as normally he would not stoop to reply to such a rant —

“I’ve heard about that method, Andy. I believe it works better if you smear the skin over the lymph nodes with Sunlight soap and lie with the axis of the body in line with the magnetic pole. Some authorities insist that Starbucks enemas are an essential part of the treatment, but others insist that Nescafe is just as good.

Terry Hamblin”

That was the closest I have ever come to spraying coffee all over the computer screen.

Teh Prof will be sorely missed.  Our thoughts and condolences go to his family.

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