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The Worst CLL Related Site On The Interwebz. Part One.

January 19, 2010 9 comments

Normally the nutcase sites of the internet can be ignored, laughed at, pointed at and the wonderful ignorance on display can be dismissed as relatively harmless.  I am referring to the well known ones of course, like, Mercola, Natural News, Jabs, Hpathy and David Icke.  When these sites are referred to in discussion, it can easily be pointed out how silly they are.  It would be nice if this kind of stupidity didn’t exist, but as it stands, it is impersonal, and is quite obviously the output of challenged minds.

Recently, an astonishing website has come to my attention, via the CLL Forum.  Written by an Australian / Dutch with CLL, it is chock full of woo.  If the stupid really burns then you would need full racing Nomex in order read it all.  The saddest part about it all is that he appears to believe in all the rubbish he has written.  You can find it here.  Read it, it is a laugh a minute.

Even worse, the writer has taken to pouncing on newcomers to the CLL Forum and suggesting they read his website, to learn how to defeat CLL.  Which we all know isn’t possible. Yet.  This is the reason for this post, and some of the follow up ones I am planning over the next few weeks, because I think that this sort of nonsense really ought to be countered.

Rather conveniently, Haanse has given us a rather good “Ten steps to Healing” page on his site, which I think I shall take as my theme for some posts.

Step One in the list is “Speak To Your Creator”

I had one of the strangest conversations with my parents (bless em) this morning.  They were adamant that they do not have my blueprints, but they seemed to imply that they had great fun creating me.  I shall not have that type of conversation with them again !

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