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NHS Dentistry Returns To Sedgefield

December 2, 2007 7 comments

As a NHS dental patient, I was very sad to see the former village dentist take his attic practice out of the NHS and into the Church Of Mammon. I’m not surprised that so many people have been practising DIY dentistry, or that my local area hospital dental specialists have noticed an increase in “emergency admissions” that would have routinely been dealt with at the coal face, prior to the mass dental exodus.

Not all is lost to NHS patients in Sedgefield though, as the Sedgefield PCT have been working with a local NHS dental practise to provide Sedgefield with dentistry again. The plan is to build a surgery on the land occupied by the mechanics workshop on the corner near the fire station. While out walking my dog the other day, I noticed that the dental practise have installed a couple of discreet “land acquired” signs, so this plan seems to be well under way.

There seems to have been some concern on the part of locals about issues of car parking surrounding this development. Thinking about it, I don’t think there will be too much of a problem as there appears to be plenty of space available. I do recall parking in the church car park opposite on one occasion, and being told off in a very unchristian manner by a passing Methodist.

If car parking does become a problem however, there is a solution available that would improve matters.

Get rid of the chicanes / raised flower beds / traffic “calming” obstructions on Durham Road.

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